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When is the best time for Pharma Third Party Manufacturing

by Aruna Sharma on March 12, 2014

Its real tricky to get best third party manufacturing rates from pharma manufacturing companies but I would like to share some insider details to help you with this.

What is the best time

The best time is the month of March. You might be thinking why? The reasaon is that due to yearly closing most of the existing clients plan for business in April. So all companies have lot of business in April but march always sees a slow down. We have been doing third party manufacturing from last three years and have consistently seen this behaviour.

What is the best quantity

Companies should entertain the least possible quanitity during this time. Atleast, Immuna would do so!

What is the best procedure

  • First, you should identify the list of products that you are interested in gettting manufactured. This could be found at here for Immuna Life Sciences
  • Second, you mention the quantity you are intersted in for selected product.
  • Third, Well, there is no third, company will contact you and let you know the whole procedure.

Isn't it really great to get products manufactured at rock bottom prices that too with priority! Do let us know what you think about this write up at All Our Products